Home Hygiene Tips For New Parents To Keep In Mind This Rainy Season

By Dr. Varun Vij in Paediatrics (Ped)

Aug 01 , 2023 | 2 min read

With intense heat waves and scorching summer sun making our lives difficult, the respite given by rains is always welcomed.

However, monsoon also brings along with it a myriad of health-related issues and infections. The humidity, viral infections and mosquito-borne diseases make life difficult for little babies and the toddlers.

But with a few simple tips and precautions for monsoon, you and your baby can also enjoy this lovely weather.


This is the most essential step for taking care of the baby. Sweat is common in this humid weather which makes them prone for skin infections especially fungal ones. Mostly these are present at flexural spaces such as the neck, underarms, and groin area. To avoid this daily bathing is necessary.

Clothes can get damp too so iron and dry them properly before your baby wears them. Diaper rashes are very common in this weather. Avoid diapers if possible, or if using them provide adequate diaper-free time. Diaper rash creams can be used if required. Sanitise your child's clothes and bedding etc.


Breastfeed your baby as much as possible. It will help maintain hydration. Also, breast milk contains abundant antibodies and immunoglobulin which strengthen the baby's immune system thereby helping them fight infections. If using top milk then water should be boiled and clean utensil should be used for making the feeds.

Mosquito menace

This is the breeding season for mosquitoes; diseases like denguemalaria are on the rise during this season. Make sure that your house and its surroundings don't have accumulated water. Go for fully covered clothes and use mosquito nets while sleeping. Use of repellents and creams over the skin of the small babies is generally not advisable.

Viral infections

Viral infections are extremely common in monsoons. Avoid going to crowded places and keep yourself and your child away from people who are suffering from the flu. It is advisable to wash your hands and use a sanitizer before you or your relatives touch your baby.

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Adequate clothing

Proper clothing plays an important role in taking care of the baby's health in the rainy season. Ensure that your baby is adequately wrapped and clothed when the weather is cool so that the child doesn’t catch a cold. When the sun is out and shiny, use cotton clothes for your child to make him feel comfortable.

Prevention is the best cure

Vaccines help in the prevention of diseases. These days vaccines against Flu, symptoms of Typhoid, Hep A are readily available. Discuss with your paediatrician regarding these and get your child vaccinated at an appropriate age.

Germ-free hands

Before touching the baby or any of the baby's belongings ensure the person washes his/ her hands. For visitors, ensure a sanitizer is placed at the entrance.

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