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How Reading is a Stress Buster

By Dr. Madhusudan Singh Solanki in Clinical Psychology

Feb 06 , 2020 | 1 min read


Everyone who reads might have noted how once you start reading a book, it takes you into another world synthesized out of words, imagination and interest. Reading gives every person a chance to interpret and imagine his or her own version of mental imagery of what has been described in the book, that is actually what separates it from a passive experience like watching a movie which doesn’t leave much for your imagination. The mental effort required to read, interpret and imagine provides creative engagement to the mind and also provides a sort of distraction that helps in reducing stress. The way one gets deeply engaged and lost in a book has almost the same calming effect as one gets from meditation and breathing relaxation. As per a study done in 2009 in Sussex, reading provided the maximum reduction in stress in the most rapid way than listening to music, drinking a cup of tea  or playing a video game, it also showed that reading also reduces one’s blood pressure and heart rate hence has a calming effect on the body and mind.  As per this study even reading for six minutes starts providing you these benefits. So reading  not only enriches you, enhances your knowledge, improves your concentration and focus, improves your memory, improves your communication skills, builds up your vocabulary but it also has an added advantage of reducing your stress levels. So now you have one more reason to reach out to your favourite book in the self. Read, de-stress yourself and improve your mental and physical well being.