Love your age

By Ritika Samaddar in Nutrition And Dietetics

Nov 07 , 2020 | 2 min read

We women can be world class guilt junkies. We manage our careers, mother our kids, manage our homes and in general do the balance beam act on daily basis. Perfectionism may seem like a desirable trait, but to boost your health, aim for just enough. Its small changes those are most effective. So forget perfect!

Here are the “good enough” guidelines for get-fit recommendations that will ensure you’re on your way to a longer, healthier life.

The thrilling 30s is the time when one is finally coming into herself and feeling confidence about who you are. Busy with your career, raising kids, managing job and family takes a toll on your health. To top it, metabolism starts to slow down, and before you realise there is weight gain and increase in waist line.

Power Plan: Watch your diet and start exercising: You are what you eat. Keeping an eye on what you eat and the physical exercise that you do will have a positive impact on your health. A well balanced diet with at least a 30 minute of high intensity workout or 1 hr of brisk walk every day should be done. Maintain work –life balance, sleep well and try to be stress free.

The Fabulous 40s is when you suddenly realize that age is catching up with high levels of stress because of worries about kids, health and finances. But getting preventive habits will keep you healthier, sharper and more energetic.

Power Plan: Start your day right by eating a healthy breakfast, include proteins, nuts and seeds and fruits and be energetic through the day. Jump starts your metabolism by strength training and exercise daily. Get your daily dose of calcium and vitamin D for a stronger you.

The forceful 50s when you feel lonely, with kids on their own and home managed well. You need to manage menopause which affects almost all systems of the body, causing hot flushes, raising risks of heart disease and osteoporosis.

Power Plan: Focus on what you eat, include more of fruits and veggies, cut down on carbs, balance your intake of protein and fats. Get your micronutrients – zinc, iron, Vitamin B12, vitamin D, and E from natural sources and popping a multivitamin to cover your bases. Get enough sleep, for at least 7 hours to improve mood and better memory.

The steadfast 60s is the new 40s provided you developed good health habits in your 40s and 50s. This is also the decade for the onset of diseases; make you less mobile and low quality of life.

Power Plan: Eat healthy; include a lot of fiber in your diet as 50% of women have gut related issues. Get your key nutrients like Vitamin B12, Vitamin D. Be active, it will help to elevate mood, strengthening bones, control life style diseases.