Brain Tumor: Symptoms & Causes

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Aug 16 , 2017 | 3 min read

A brain tumour, like any an other tumour in the body, occurs when at an abnormal rate to form a mass of abnormal cells. These tumours may be benign or malignant (cancerous).These tumours grow over a varying period of depending upon whether they are benign or malignant in nature. These tumours affect the function of normal brain cells by invading them or causing pressure on normal surrounding brain tissue. The brain is enclosed in a skull, so when excess tumour cells start growing in the brain, pressure within the closed space i.e skull increases which would give rise to symptoms.

This abnormal growth of tumours is classified into various types depending on their nature-Benign or Malignant, location i.e depending upon the part of the brain involved, and whether a tumour is primarily from the brain tissue or secondary spread from cancer else where in the body.

A brain tumour is a life-threating disease if not diagnosed in time. Focused on spreading such awareness, we have researched the useful knowledge about the symptoms and causes of a brain tumour that can help you in identifying the problem at an early stage and getting the brain tumour treatment in time.

Brain Tumor Symptoms

Let us begin with the general signs and symptoms of a brain tumour. There are different symptoms that depend on the type of a tumour and its location. Some of the tumours do not show any symptoms until they reach a dangerous level where they progress at a rapid pace leading to serious health issues in the patient.

The most common signs and symptoms are as follows:

  1. Recurrent Headaches, often associated vomitings at a later stage of the disease
  2. Seizures(Fits)
  3. Problem in Vision
  4. Hearing loss with or without recurrent Giddiness
  5. Weakness in Specific Body Parts(paralysis )
  6. Memory loss or recent behavioural changes
  7. Numbness in Legs and Arms
  8. Changes in the Personality
  9. Imbalance while walking
  10. Intractable facial pain or facial abnormal movements(Spasms)

If you are suffering from any of the listed symptoms, then immediately visit the best neuro hospital in Delhi and get your checkup done from a skilled doctor. There are chances that these brain tumor symptoms may not be related to a disease. However, if you are diagnosed with a brain tumour do not panic. Rather start focusing on the ways you can get the brain tumour treatment to be healthy again.

Brain Tumor Causes

After knowing the symptoms of a brain tumour, the next question that may be bothering you will certainly be: What causes it?While the doctors are still unable to find the cause of the primary brain tumours, they have identified several risk factors that make you vulnerable to brain tumours. 


Exposure to radiation is one of the most known risks of a brain tumour. People who had a brain cancer history and have undergone radiotherapy, Repeated CT scans or x-rays to the head are more prone to developing brain tumours. 

Genetic Diseases

There are some genetic diseases that can put you at risk of brain tumours. Some of them are Neurofibromatosis which is a tumor-causing genetic disorder, Turcot syndrome that is characterized by abnormal cells, Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, and Li-Fraumeni syndrome. 


Those who are suffering from HIV or AIDS are more vulnerable to a brain tumour as compared to other people as they have low immunity.

Today, brain tumours have affected lives of millions of people through their agonizing and distressing condition. If one can diagnose them on early stage and begin with the treatment, then there are chances to fight brain tumors with success.

Benign Tumors can most often be removed completely. In certain circumstances, if some part of a benign tumour is left behind to preserve important nerves, second stage therapy in the form of Gamma knife or Cyber knife for the residual tumor will certainly cure the disease.

In malignant tumours, complete approach to the tumor is three fold –Surgery, Radiotherapy with or without Chemotherapy depending upon the stage of cancer. With advanced radiotherapy machines, as in Max Healthcare, this modality is very well tolerated and has very fewer side effects.

With such an endeavour to eradicate the health issues of people through specialized care and treatment, we, at Max Healthcare offer world-class health facilities and dedicated team of doctors who decide which treatment will be the best for patient’s condition. To focus on the brain tumor and other neurological disorders, our Institute of Neurosciences offers a broad spectrum of services to ensure accurate treatments leading to the high success rates among patients.

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