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Know the 6 Surprising Facts of Bariatric Surgery

By Medical Expert Team

Nov 16 , 2020 | 1 min read

1. Weight Loss Surgery Shrinks the Stomach

Bariatric procedures reduce the size of a person’s stomach, which then lowers how much food they can eat. The patient will experience metabolic changes and sometimes changes in their hormones. They will have a lower appetite, and some patients may experience diabetes remission. While they have risks, bariatric procedures drop a person’s mortality rate by 40 percent, according to New England Journal of Medicine’s study.

2. Depression Could Occur

After surgery, a patient may experience some depression. Most, however, notice an improvement in their well-being. That said, those with severe depression may see symptoms worsen instead of improving. Yale University found that 13 percent of patients had an increased Beck Depression Inventory report ranging from six months to one-year post-surgery.

3. Dietary Restrictions

Patients will find that unhealthy food craving go away after their procedure, but they are still limited to foods they can and cannot eat. On the bariatric diet, a patient will eat healthier, consume proteins first, follow their blood sugar table, and drink water. They cannot snack, nor can they have large portions.

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4. The Right Doctor

The right doctor will do a thorough workup with a patient. They examine their medical history, but also will require them to meet with a psychological professional to undergo therapy treatments and make sure they have the right emotional mindset to handle such a drastic surgery. Dr Nikhil Agnihotri at Max Healthcare follow the same school of thought, be it through providing expertise health care or through state-of-the-art healthcare technology.

5. Safer than other procedures

All surgical procedures have few risks and there is no surgical procedure that is 100% safe. However, the deaths from gastric bypass are extremely rare. In fact, they are 0.2% to 0.5% or less than one out of 200 patients. Highly qualified surgeons do these procedures; therefore, the risks are minimal.

6. Benefits go beyond weight loss

We know that a bariatric procedure is done to reduce weight, besides this, it also decreases the blood pressure, reduce sleep apnea, less joint pain, and disappear type 2 diabetes.

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Medical Expert Team