Advantages of Robotic Surgery Procedure

By Dr. Manish Baijal in Laparoscopic / Minimal Access Surgery , Robotic Surgery

Nov 18 , 2022 | 1 min read


Robotic surgery, also called robot-assisted surgery, is now changing the surgical landscape with its bountiful advantages, taking minimal access surgeries to the next level. Robotic surgeries are now being used in almost all surgical specialities, enabling surgeons to perform common and complex procedures with greater safety and precision. Robotic surgery results have proven to be extremely beneficial from both the patient's and the surgeon’s perspectives.

Essentially, robotic systems are controlled by a surgeon who operates from a console near the operating table and controls the arms of the robotic system while sitting or standing on the console. The surgeon’s hand and wrist movements are mimicked by the tip of the wrist on the robotic arms, that have a wide degree of movement and overcome the limitations of a human wrist. Due to this dexterity, the surgeon can navigate into areas in the surgical space that are otherwise not possible. Moreover, the robotic system empowers the surgeon with much higher depth perception due to the three-dimensional vision of the surgical images. This, in turn, increases the accuracy and safety of the procedure.

Some key advantages of robotic surgery are greater accuracy, higher safety, minimal pain and blood loss, short hospital stay and excellent cosmetic results due to tiny incisions. The robotic systems have in-built safety mechanisms that are factored in with algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

For most laparoscopic surgeons, the transition to robotic surgery is usually seamless, and the learning curve is short. For most common procedures like gallbladder stones, hernia, acid reflux surgery, appendix etc., the patients are discharged in a day and have no restrictions on movement and resume routine activities in no time. The excellent patient outcomes and the surgeon’s better control of the safety and accuracy of the procedure are making robotic surgeries increasingly popular and the preferred option for many.