Ways to Create Healthy Relationships Between You & Teenagers

By Megha Sharma in Clinical Psychology

Oct 13 , 2021 | 1 min read

Considered to be one of the most exuberant yet bewildering phases of life, teenage is usually perceived to be a difficult time by parents. It is usually marked by conflicting decisions, role confusion and a search of individuality on the teenagers’ part. In this phase, most of the care takers go through a conflict between self and their child. Here are a few pointers which would help to create a balance and nourish a healthy relationship between you and your teenager:

  • Establish boundaries – Boundaries simply mean setting limits by deciding what is okay and what is not, for yourself and your teens. Knowing when to be permissive and when to lay down some rules for the teenager is extremely important. The boundaries should be set mutually by both, the parents and the teen.
  • Have conversations – As easy as it seems, conversing is one of the most powerful tools of understanding as well and being there for your son/daughter. Teenagers have their own share of problems including exploring themselves and coping with the shift from a child to an adult. In these times, having open and accepting conversations about general as well as sensitive topics is crucial. This would also help in establishing boundaries, as mentioned above.
  • Stop treating them like kids – In the quest of moving towards adulting, providing enough independence and letting teenagers have different experiences is significant. It is a good idea to let the leash loose and not be too protective of your teen. This would in turn help to develop a friendly and healthy relationship between the parents and the teen.